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eTux - Embedded Tux

eTux is a project to create a full blown Linux distribution for PsiLinux, a project to port Linux to the Psion Series 5/5mx/7 set of computers. It is based on the Debian project, and will support either use of the dpkg or ipkg system (we haven't decided which yet).

We are basing eTux on the Linux Kernel 2.2.1, solely because PsiLinux has only ported that kernel to the Series 5. The 5mx has kernel 2.4.5, but as we are all Series 5 developers, that is useless as far as we're concerned. The distribution will be made up of two parts:

  • The Kernel - A binary image for Arlo to load
  • The Root Image - Can take form as an initrd, or a CF partition
  • eTux is aiming to make the installation process easy (by way of OPL programs and bash script installers), and also to supply the base root image, and ways to easily update the system without modifying everything.

    Copyright (C) 2002 George Wright