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eTux - Embedded Tux

Right, at last development has commenced! We have decided to base it on Debian, and at the moment we are experimenting with Debian Potato 2.2r5.

It seems to work perfectly OK, and a few of the scripts have already been made. The first kernel has now become available, and it's main feature is the introduction of a 4bpp framebuffer, oh joy!.

It seems that a member of the PsiLinux project has managed to get X working on the Series 5's big brother, the 5mx, but memory constraints are too high on the 5 for this to happen, so if a GUI is put on the 5, it'll definitely be either PicoGUI or Microwindows. Also, due to the processor not having enough juice in it, the Qt/E and Qtopia ports have been cancelled.

So, we present eTux 1.0 Alpha 1 (version 0.1) to you in the form of a root filesystem (that is still heavily reminiscent of Debian), and a kernel image.

Note - this distribution is at the moment ONLY for Series 5 users.

Copyright (C) 2002 George Wright